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Spelling Classes, Summer 2019

Spelling Classes, Summer 2019

“Sound it out” can only get you so far in the English language.  Take a summer intensive course with your child where you’ll deepen your understanding and spark your curiosity about the WHY of English.  Parents are encouraged to join so they can support their child’s understanding once the session is over – and improve your own spelling along the way!

For just $18/session, you can turn your child’s attitude towards the spelling of words into one of curiosity.  They’ll discover the thrill of proposing a hypothesis about a word and then proving that hypothesis wrong – learning even more in the process!

To learn about Structured Word Inquiry, an inquiry-based approach that uses linguistic principles, click here.  This link takes you to a school in San Francisco that uses SWI to focus their literacy instruction for all grades.

We recognize 4 days a week for six weeks is a major commitment.  New content will be explored most sessions, but major learning targets will be revisited over multiple sessions.  You are not required to be at all sessions, but you will miss information when you are absent.  If you choose, you can schedule make-up sessions with Beth for an additional fee.