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About BCG Language & Literacy, LLC


I’ve been a speech language pathologist (SLP) for more than 20 years.  I earned my undergraduate degree from Indiana University, Bloomington and my master’s degree in communicative disorders from University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I’ve worked in school settings, clinic settings, and in early intervention.  I’m always learning, investigating, and revising my understanding of the best methods for helping students learn.  This desire to keep learning has led me to take numerous continuing education classes, through both online trainings and conferences.

I have experience working with children with varying abilities and backgrounds, not only as an SLP (AKA speech therapist), but as a piano teacher, early childhood music and movement educator, and children’s choir director.  I’m the mother of three children who not only bring me great joy, but who have also taught me more than any class ever could.  My experiences give me lots of insight into what other parents may experience when their child has unexpected difficulty communicating, learning, or succeeding in life.


WI Department of Safety and Professional Services
WI Department of Public Instruction


Certified Member of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Member of International Dyslexia Association

Beth, a speech language pathologist specializing in Structured Word Inquiry and executive function, has taken continuing education from these organizations, among others:
Real Spelling

Gretchen Wegner; Antiboring Approach to Powerful Studying

Word Works Kingston
International Dyslexia Association
Wilson Reading System
ASHA (American Speech-Language Hearing Association)
Social Thinking
Rush Neurobehavioral Center
Cognitive Connections 

Seeds of Learning, Tera Sumpter
Making Math Real

*Making Math Real requires the following disclaimer of all individuals who have taken MMR coursework: Beth Coppoc Gunshor, in utilizing Making Math Real® (MMR®) methods, is in no way affiliated with, a member of, or employed by the Making Math Real Institute (MMRI), and does not represent or reflect MMR® or David Berg in any way whatsoever. Neither the MMRI nor David Berg has trained, certified, licensed, monitored, endorsed, recommended, or sponsored Beth Coppoc Gunshor. MMR® is a clinical methodology, not a program or a curriculum, and neither the MMRI nor David Berg monitors, endorses, or accounts for the quality of services provided by Beth Coppoc Gunshor.


BCG Language & Literacy is dedicated to helping you or your child thrive. We believe that a trusting relationship developed over time is the most effective and efficient way to make progress on therapy goals. If an approach isn’t working, we will work together with you to find one that does.  The benefit of private therapy is that we can easily and quickly flex our goals based on your current needs, whether we are working on literacy using SWI (Structured Word Inquiry), executive function skills, or more traditional speech/language goals.

When working with children, BCG L&L will stay in close contact with parents.  Parents are always welcome to join therapy sessions if they feel that their presence supports their child’s learning.

When working with adults, BCG L&L will create documentation in coordination with the client.

BCG Language and Literacy, LLC is devoted to helping children and adults without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.