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Services Offered

Executive Function Therapy

Tired of having calendars and checklists suggested as the solution to your organizational challenges? BCG L&L moves beyond surface solutions to deeper level strategies and learning to help you or your child plan, initiate, maintain focus, and finish daily tasks.


If you or your child struggles with spelling, BCG L&L can help. We use Structured Word Inquiry to explore English spelling–it’s not just a crazy mess of a system! Through scientific inquiry, word spellings can be investigated and understood. Improving spelling also helps struggling readers with decoding and comprehending text.

Basic Writing: Organization and Sentences

BCG L&L can help you or your child learn how to organize thinking for clear communication, as well as how to write complex sentences that communicate your thinking to others. We can also help with basic grammar instruction.


If the times tables have never clicked, BCG L&L can help them stick. We use an approach similar to making “mind palaces” to visualize the tables.

Sessions available for all ages!

About BCG Language & Literacy

BCG Language and Literacy is dedicated to helping you or your child thrive. We believe that a trusting relationship developed over time is the most effective and efficient way to make progress on therapy goals.    If an approach isn’t working, we will work together with you to find one that does.  The benefit of private therapy is that we can easily and quickly flex our therapy goals based on your current needs.

Beth Coppoc Gunshor has been a speech language pathologist for more than 20 years. She has worked in school settings, clinic settings, and in early intervention. Beth is always learning, investigating, and revising her understanding of the best methods for helping students learn.

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